MIAC- Why I No Longer Wear Nail Polish


I used to be one of those teeny-boppers who had like, every color of nail polish under the sun. Sky blue, deep purple, sparkles- my toes were rockin’. My friends used to come over and we’d paint each others nails and do all sorts of fun, crazy stuff. That’s what teens do, ya know? When I grew up and moved out my collection dwindled and I would remember to give myself a pedicure every so often. I’d break out the sea salt, lemon, and olive oil and whip up a scrub. I’d soak my tootsies and clean ‘em up and make an evening of pampering out of it. Standing on your feet all day working retail means that doing that every so often is a real treat. And then, then I had kids. Let me explain….

This month I sort of missed the whole pretty toes thing. You know, it’s the little things that you do that can really make you feel nice. So I figured- Hey! Why not find a new made in America nail polish for my monthly challenge? That’s something that I purchase on occasion, and I’d really love to find one here. Which is what led me to etsy, which is what led me to Sycamore Boutique. They were having a sale, 2 for 1, because of some delayed shipping. I asked that they sort of surprise me with the color choice, since I mostly collect pink nail polish now (who knows why. I just do.) and I wanted to shake it up a bit.


I got my items fairly quick and was so excited to see that they had slipped in “red romance”. Red rocks for toe nail polish, right? So after tons of procrastination (and the fact that really this is basically the end of the month already) I decided that I was so totally doing my nails already! Now, seeing as how I was doing them during the day and have the ever-present toddler child with me, doing my nails is no longer like it was before. This is no longer a ‘take your time’ stress relief, enjoy the moment sort of deal.

This becomes the ‘omg, do this as fast as humanly possible so he doesn’t come over here and start touching things‘ task. I am convinced that once you become a parent that you acquire some sort of Navy Seal like abilities to accomplish seemingly every day tasks. So I started painting my nails like a BOSS. Which in reality means that I did it without looking, since as a parent you are sort of supposed to actually watch your child (or something like that). Which means that I got a lot of red on places other than the nail. Oops.

Never fear though, that’s what nail polish remover is for!

So, about the time I finished up the first coat is about the time my child became interested in what I was doing. I thought about leaving it with just one coat, but probably due to the fact that I wasn’t really giving it my full attention some spots were thinner than others, so I decided to do two. Of course, as soon as I was done with the non-toxic polish and moved on to the super lethal, about to burst into a fiery inferno of doom at the slightest exposure to heat polish remover is when he came over to get a closer look.

As I was fighting to carefully remove all my “oops” from my feet, I was also fighting to please dear gawd don’t touch that! No, that’s NOT water! That is yucky yucky! Since MOMMY was “painting” her feet with a q-tip, he wanted to paint her feet too! And with toddler cat-like reflexes, he quickly nabbed a cotton swab and began swiping at my wet nails.

And then he decided to step on the toes that were half way dry, on his way to chase after the toes that I was trying to salvage. I managed to fend him off (clearly, I am winning the parent of the year award for this post) and quickly finish up. Everything was up out of reach, put away- we were done. My nails were pretty. I was digging the red. So, I took him outside to play while I let them finish drying. That’s when he ran over one toe with his tricycle, making a huge mark in that nail. Okay, I thought- it’s not really that bad. I’ll just leave it and no one will notice because my sandals broke and I don’t really go barefoot outside anyways, right? They still look good as long as you aren’t peering right at them!

So, I sat in my desk chair a few hours later, admiring my handiwork. I thought for a second that maybe it wasn’t all that frustrating doing this little beauty ritual. Perhaps I was just over stressed in general and whatever. So I was looking at them, feeling pretty good, when I noticed that my toddler was staring too. “Pretty toes, right?” I asked.

“No!” he replied while grabbing my unsuspecting feet and he began wailing as I tried to prevent him from continuing to gouge and scrape nail polish off with his finger. I give up. I’ll stick with some cute socks and try to squeeze in a nail session when he’s like 13, or asleep (if I don’t pass out then too) or something. However, when I do manage to catch a moment uninterrupted to myself, I know what nail polish I’m going to use, and which shop I’m going to be going back too to get more. Made in America, fast shipping, and non toxic? Yes please!

Do you ever get to paint your nails? What kind and color do you use?

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  1. saralyn says:

    I understand where you are coming from i felt the same way with my toddler but soon i turned it into a game and he began to do a very good job. and if he made a mistake i could always remove it .Also., i taught him to rub my feet after work the only trouble is he is so good sometimes he puts me right to sleep and he runs around the house and gets in to trouble.

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