MIAC March- Check Out My Flip-Flops


I was excited to do this months Made In America Challenge. I mean, I’m excited every month because Hey! something new, but this month was a little bit of necessity , a little bit of fun. You see, I had just slipped while going down some stairs (while holding my child. Because, you know, I always like to do things to the extreme.) due in large part because the sandals I was wearing were old and falling apart, and were missing a heel and had absolutely, positively no grip. Which I found out when I slipped. So after contorting myself as only a mother attempting to save her child (who is laughing at all the fun) can, and sliding down on my shin, I discovered that not only had my sandals tried to kill me, but they had absolutely committed suicide.

The Sandals Of Doom

The Sandals Of Doom

That picture doesn’t do them justice. The entire sole is pretty much detached from both bottoms, and while it LOOKS like there is a sole there- there totally isn’t. My shoes were sole-less. Obviously, I had to bite the bullet and get new ones. Which ones though?

I found this great brand Okabashi that is pretty much the motherload of all criteria I shop for. It’s green, it’s made in the USA, it’s fairly cute- and then when I clicked on checkout I got a notice from my web-browser that it wasn’t secure. I’m sure at some point I’ll try it again, or find out what’s making it say that but at that moment, it was just too much of a hassle. However, other sandals were hard to find. Nothing was what I was looking for, so I turned back to Etsy.

As soon as I saw these shoes, I was hooked. I don’t know what it is about that color, but I love it. I hemmed and hawwed and google searched a bit more, but kept coming back. And then I struggled with the price. I mean, Walmart sells sandals for like $3. These were gorgeous, but they are like over $25 once you take into account shipping. Honestly, that’s pretty comparable to Okabashi, and other good brands, but it did make me pause. As I was thinking about it, I glanced over at my sandals that had met their unexpected demise. I realized that… well… sometimes my feet get dirty. I’ve never used Vitello shoes before, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to risk getting such a light color and having it stain or something. So I browesed their shop and low and behold-

A sale!

Not just any sale, these were not only cheaper, but the part where your foot goes was black. I mean, that pretty much just takes the cake right? So, bam. I ordered. I sort of patiently waited for my package (which wasn’t all that long) and as soon as I got them, I ran to the mailbox, ran back to the apt, ripped them open and slipped them on. I proceeded to clomp around in my very pretty, hand-made, made in America sandals for quite some time. I’m sure my husband thinks I’m a weirdo.

Aren't they gorgeous?

Aren’t they gorgeous?


So, my initial reaction was that they were so comfortable to stand on, but a little tight around the top (which I thought was odd, because my feet have never been wide). When I ordered them, I was worried how the cord between to toes would hold up, and the sole seems more mushy than my last pair (which honestly may be where the comfort comes in). I thought I’d wait almost a month to actually draw this up so that I could give an honest opinion of how they held up.

Here’s my final thoughts-

Any tightness I first felt went away as the gradually stretched as I wore them. They are very comfortable. The cord between the toes seems sturdy, it’s very soft, and it doesn’t look like it’s about to pop through the bottom at any time (which I have had happen with cheap foamy/plastic ones before). They clean pretty easy, and seem to hold up well. The soles seem to have minor indentations where I’ve stepped on very hard, sharp items- but they aren’t deep at all. I admit, I’m pleasantly surprised about that. If they continue to hold up for the next couple of months, I’ll definitely look into buying from them again when these ones are worn out.

I’d love to hear if you have purchased any Made In America footwear and how they held up!

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  1. Thank you for the great review / blog . We are happy that you are please with our product. Some other tidbits of information:
    Most of our Vitello Flips are NOT made if leather. We use the same materials used to make boat and motor cycle seats.
    The above makes them water resistant, can be hand washed and will not lose their color over time.
    The innersole or cushion is orthopedic grade material which “forms” to your feet.
    The toe string length reaches to under your arch. It will not pull out.

    Thanks again and look Vitello Sandal Factory looks forward to hearing from you again.

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