How To Help The Victims Of The Boston Explosion


I’ve been tech. free for a couple of days, or I would have gotten to this a lot sooner. Finding out what’s been going on is heart wrenching, and if I hadn’t gotten a text this morning from someone with a link on how to help- I might not even have been on today. We all want to know how to help the victims from this, so I’ll get right to it.

If you know ANYTHING- please contact authorities. They are still attempting to figure this out and any info you might have could help. 1-800-CALL-FBI (1-800-225-5324), prompt #3 or Boston PD 1-800-494-TIPS

As always, I will continue to look for more ways to help, to reach out, to support. I will update as I find more and I ask that if you know of something that I missed to please, please let me know. Comment here or on my Facebook page, or email me at

I also wanted to issue a reminder that I do not personally check out or ensure the validity of the places, people, organization, fund-raisers I link to. Nor am I affiliated or associated with any. It is unfortunate to be reminded that people are not always good and kind, and that some people may try to scam or trick well meaning people. Do your best to be cautious about who you give to, what information you give them.

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  1. Surina Brewer says:

    According to Irish Dance Magazine, the sister of the 8 year old boy who was killed in the explosion is an Irish Dancer with Clifdon Irish Dance Academy. Jane, age 7, lost her leg in the explosion and her Mom is awaiting surgery, in critical condition. Please keep the Richards family in your prayers. Cards can be sent to: St Anne Parish Neponset, 243 Neponset Ave, Dorchester, Mass. 02122.

  2. Dupont says:

    Best regards to all victims from Switzerland

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