From The Ashes Of Hate Comes Love

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I watched the video. You know, the one about the bus monitor from Greece, New York being bullied. It made me want to cry, the things they said to her. These were children who felt that it was okay to say these things, to laugh about it, to video it, and to share it. Perhaps it’s a blessing in disguise that they shared it, otherwise we may never have had this blip on our radar at all.

This act of hate that they poured onto this old woman was horrific. Everyone agreed on that. So many people were moved and touched, and in my opinion the best thing that could have risen out of this situation happened. Someone noticed. Someone wanted to make this episode in Karen Klein’s life a little less hurtful. It appears that she had numerous people send her tokens of their interest and expression of love for another human. It’s stuff like that that keeps giving me hope for this place called Earth.

Someone else decided that they’d like to send her on vacation. After all, I think we can all imagine that someone who received that treatment could probably do with a little rest, a little relaxation. A little pampering for just them. They set out with the goal of raising $5,000 on the site and as of 5 minutes ago they had far surpassed that goal. With 29 days of fundraising left, they have accumulated over $501,000 dollars.Ā  There are also links to the full story and her Facebook page. You are also free to go over and leave her a comment expressing your support. It’s amazing how so many people have come forward to make this happen.

I want to take a moment to address some of the other actions that have sprung from this. It is of course normal that some anger would spring from watching what happened. Hate for hate however only continues the cycle of hate. Threatening the children who participated in this with death isn’t what we should be doing. Nor should we be harassing them. Perhaps they deserve it. That’s not my call to make. I ask that we be better than that and teach them love instead.

My heart and thoughts go out to Mrs. Klein and her family. I hope that she never has to witness and bear the attack of hate ever again. I hope that this continues to inspire all of us. To know that we can reach out, even when something has already passed and we can help do something wonderful to make a single persons like a little better. These actions have helped make this whole place better.

Lead with love.


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