Colorado: How Do We Help There? *Updates*

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Chances are you’ve already head about the tragedy that befell Aurora Colorado on the night of the theater premier of The Dark Night. Many of us are left bewildered and shocked, but too many people have wounds that are much deeper. 12 people lost their lives that night. More were injured, physically and emotionally. Thousands of words have already been poured out about that, so I’ll cut to the chase- What can we do to help?

As always, I will of course be scouring the net and contacting people I think may have some information on how we can help. Maybe it’s just sending letters, flowers, love. If you are reading this and you’ve heard something anything- please message us and let us know so that we can get that information out there. E-mail us at or drop by our Facebook page, or simply let us know in the comments. I will be keeping people updated on the info I get in on that.


I’ve contacted several people and have contacted some of the health care services in the area to find out if they have specific areas to accept donations- or if donations in general will go to the victims of this event. UNTIL THEN, I have found areas where we can donate to the victims of the shooting.  has a button on the first page for this specific need. Please, check it out. And as always, if you know of any other place or way to help- keep us posted!  This is a fund specifically for Petra Anderson who was one of the people who was shot and critically injured in the Aurora shooting. Please check out her story, they are trying to raise $250,000 within the next 40 days!

Additionally I have heard that the Denver Comic Con is looking for volunteers to help block the Westboro Baptists from tonights vigil. If you’re in the area, see what you can do. You can check out their FB page here for further info.

IMPORTANT UPDATE! has a list of tons of organizations that are raising funds for the Aurora shooting victims. Be sure to check it out.

New Update!

There is a fund for Farrah Soudani who is in the ICU with extensive leg and midsection issues. She did NOT have health insurance. Be sure to check it out!

Before I end this post, there is something that is disturbing me that I wanted to discuss. I know that often we don’t know how to act in these sorts of situations, and that the Internet is prone to allow us to forgo social manners, customs, and general respectfulness and niceness. However I ask that because this is such a recent event that we focus first and hardest on what we can do to immediately help the victims, the survivors, and help them regain a sense of normalcy and calm.

While we are justified in asking ourselves ‘What could we have done to have that go differently’ it is perhaps best to not allow that focus to become a media frenzy. Now is not the time to seek to forward our political or civil agendas. Now is not the time to judge the parents who took their children. It’s not the time to point out the flaws in other parties or other ideologies. Our first and immediate reactions must be how to help. Once the shock has passed, let us approach what needs to be approached to prevent this event from happening again.  Once again, first:I redirect you to the opening of this post-

How can we help?


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