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Green Craft Tutorial: Tuna Can Tea light holder

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The Minky Jacket


I’m a huge fan of free patterns, because that’s usually what I can afford. I’m also a huge fan of minky and the other super soft fabrics. It’s been hard for me to find a variety of things to use that fabric for, so I was more than super excited to stumble across Girl Inspired’s Minky Swing Jacket pattern! Plus, I had been given just a little bit of the fabric I needed to make my own! If you’re looking for something to do with some extra fabric, or if you’re looking for a little something special to do for a little girl- this is the pattern for you!

Coke Doesn’t Care If You’re Patriotic

image credit: zaphodsotherhead via flickr.com ( http://www.flickr.com/photos/zaphodsotherhead/171968828/ )

I am a red-blooded American. I was born and raised here. I grew up in the Southwest, but I’ve traveled a bit of all over this place. I’ve seen the Redwood Forest, and picked blueberries from the bushes up in Northern California. I’ve gotten motion sick on a Ferry in New Jersey. I weathered a winter in Ohio, and braved Tornado’s that are fairly common over there. And by “braved” I mean freaked out because I had no idea what to do when there’s a Tornado siren. I’m from the West coast. Ive seen George Washington’s house, and battlefields with cannons where The Civil War was fought and where many other red-blooded Americans spilled that blood into the earth. When I say I’m American, I mean that my family has been here a long time. My parents were born here. My parents parents were born here. Some of their parents were born here. We go pretty far back type American. Before my ancestors got here, we came from most of the really white places where apparently people don’t get much sun, which figures because even so many generations later I still don’t tan.

Aside from just being born here, generationally, and aside from traveling a good share of this place- I know that I’m a red-blooded American because I’ve stepped foot out of this country. And I mean- REALLY stepped out. Off the continent, over oceans stepped out. I can tell you that it’s just not the same out there. America is in my heart, and not being here is simply put- not being home. There are other places I like well enough. There are other places I’d like to see, and other places I like to visit often. I’ve thought about moving away to be closer to family, but I just can’t.This is where I belong. This is where my soul is.

I wanted to let you know that, because I’m about to discuss something a little controversial. Coke ran an ad during the Superbowl playing one of the most iconic American songs ever ( ‘America the Beautiful‘ )- and it was sung in a bunch of languages other than English. I mean, hang on. There was SOME English in there, but the point was really that there was others. Also, they added a bunch of “diverse” people to go along with it, clearly suggesting that diversity= American Beauty. Can you believe that? ‘American the Beautiful’ being sung in anything other than English?

How To Help The Victims Of The Boston Explosion


I’ve been tech. free for a couple of days, or I would have gotten to this a lot sooner. Finding out what’s been going on is heart wrenching, and if I hadn’t gotten a text this morning from someone with a link on how to help- I might not even have been on today. We all want to know how to help the victims from this, so I’ll get right to it.

Miscarriage- How To Respond To Pregnancy Loss

Image Credit: kouk via flickr.com
Guest Blog by : Kristin Lail from A Simply Enchanted Life


Miscarriage—feared by all expectant mothers and it seems almost everyone has had one. What happens though to those rare few who have a silent miscarriage, a missed miscarriage? The pain can be doubly painful for the women that experience this type of miscarriage because the body fails to recognize that the baby has passed. Usually it is found out when the tech cannot find the fetal heart during a routine office visit while the mother still feels perfectly fine.

I have had both an early miscarriage and a missed miscarriage and the pain and grief from them are greatly different. The emotions are different—especially if you choose to naturally miscarry. No one wants to tell you that the process can take weeks and that it will be more like a labor than a spontaneous miscarriage. Your pregnancy symptoms may hang around for a while—taunting you and playing games with your mind such as making you think the doctors have made a terrible mistake.

Further—it seems that people around you don’t know what to say or they have no idea how to deal with you.

Quiz: Are You In A Traditional Marriage?

February Focus

“Traditional Marriage”- That’s a term we’ve all been hearing lately, isn’t it? I’m sure you’ve seen your fair share of signs and pickets asking for your support. I saw a Facebook post recently asking that the government protect “Traditional Marriage”. That made me wonder, am I in a “Traditional Marriage”? Perhaps more pointedly- are the people crying out their support, their insistence that “Traditional Marriage” in one? So, here’s a “quiz” to answer that question. Feel free to put your marriage to the test to see if your measures up-

MIAC March- Check Out My Flip-Flops


I was excited to do this months Made In America Challenge. I mean, I’m excited every month because Hey! something new, but this month was a little bit of necessity , a little bit of fun. You see, I had just slipped while going down some stairs (while holding my child. Because, you know, I always like to do things to the extreme.) due in large part because the sandals I was wearing were old and falling apart, and were missing a heel and had absolutely, positively no grip. Which I found out when I slipped. So after contorting myself as only a mother attempting to save her child (who is laughing at all the fun) can, and sliding down on my shin, I discovered that not only had my sandals tried to kill me, but they had absolutely committed suicide.

We Don’t Owe You Sex

Image Credit: cobblucas via flickr.com

I was going to start a post about the Ohio Rape Trial and how it’s so important that we teach our daughters to not put themselves in situations where they can be taken advantage of. Then, I began to read more. I read more articles, more comments. The conversation wanted to start making me vomit.

People, so many people- are jumping at the bit, justifying rape at the expense of the victim.

She didn’t say no soon enough. She was a tease. She dressed a certain way. She hung out in the wrong venue. She put herself in a bad position (drinking, drugs).

Here’s the thing I’m hearing here:

Women are walking around, available to screw any time a guy wants to. UNLESS she says no.

Help Out! Week 3/3-3/9


Looking for a way to make a difference? To help someone out? To change things for the better? Here’s something things you can check out this week that need your attention!

MIAC- Why I No Longer Wear Nail Polish


I used to be one of those teeny-boppers who had like, every color of nail polish under the sun. Sky blue, deep purple, sparkles- my toes were rockin’. My friends used to come over and we’d paint each others nails and do all sorts of fun, crazy stuff. That’s what teens do, ya know? When I grew up and moved out my collection dwindled and I would remember to give myself a pedicure every so often. I’d break out the sea salt, lemon, and olive oil and whip up a scrub. I’d soak my tootsies and clean ‘em up and make an evening of pampering out of it. Standing on your feet all day working retail means that doing that every so often is a real treat. And then, then I had kids. Let me explain….

Happy Birthday To Me! A Look At 25 Years Of Life Lessons

Yoda (Image Credit: Andres Rueda via flickr.com)

To commemorate my oldness (it’s my birthday!) I have decided to make a list of 25 things I have learned from life so far! I’m hitting the 1/4 century mark and I sort of feel like it’s a ‘big deal’. I mean, it’s not everyday where you can so easily associate your age with a fraction AND the big 1-0-0, right? So, perhaps a little pretentiously, here is my list of life lessons-